The State of Esports Tournaments in 2022 via Okbet Esports

The State of Esports Tournaments in 2022 via Okbet Esports



The State of Esports Tournaments in 2022 via Okbet Esports

Even as covid restrictions ease, okbet esports tournament organizers will continue to rely heavily on virtual tournaments into 2022.
E-sports have proven themselves during the pandemic. It has grown so strongly that it has even helped other areas of the entertainment industry. Even as covid restrictions ease, esports tournament organizers will continue to rely heavily on virtual tournaments into 2022.

The new year brings opportunities for okbet e-sports teams and streaming platforms to flourish. Professional gamers and influencers are turning to live streaming more than ever to reach a global audience.

The expansion of 5G internet speeds will help publishers and brands reach gamers on their phones. According to Esports BAR in its recent exclusive white paper, Mobile-First Esports: From Asia to the Rest of the World, 5G can increase positive experiences for competitive gamers.

Online development, secure

The State of Esports Tournaments in 2022 via Okbet Esports

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the pandemic could “easily extend into 2022”. We are all used to a ‘new normal’, but yearn to be with our fellow esports fans.

Esports tournament, A silver lining has emerged during the pandemic. The e-sports industry has shown an incredible ability to adapt and innovate. Stadiums are still empty and players are stuck at home, so brands and publishers have turned to remote production solutions. E-sports organizers had to get up to speed. BoomTV was already well known in the online tournament space when the pandemic hit, but demand for the company’s production services skyrocketed in 2021.

The last year has brought incredible co-branding opportunities for our esports tournament platform,” said Victor Suski, BoomTV Esports Vice President at Esports BAR. “We have produced over 90 premium eSports events and monetized in 2021, up from 30 the year before, and our community events are up 308%. Live events are slowly starting to return, but it’s clear that brands won’t rely entirely on them in the future – not when online tournaments are seeing such positive results.

Suski and his team hosted three of December’s most-watched Warzone events: Code Red Mountain Dew Showdown, UFC Warzone Invitational, and a $100,000 Pacific Pursuit event with FaZe.

Traditional sports like soccer and soccer have found a new audience in competitive games. Ukraine-based e-sports tournament platform ESportsBattle saw a 29% increase in viewership from September to October 2021. Players missed attending a live event, but are still willing to listen to events from around the world. Twitch viewership will grow 45% by 2021. Newzoo predicts that esports enthusiasts — those who watch eSports content at least once a month — could reach 285.7 million globally. in 2024.

Meet in the Metaverse
Video games are slowly becoming a metaverse. The landscape is still a bit fragmented, but esports is the forerunner. Dubit’s Metaverse Gaming League plans to host real-time competitions. It will use a combination of 3D technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and very high speed internet connection.

Roblox will provide the foundation for MGL. An online game service that allows subscribers to create and play games with others. Roblox has 48.2 million daily active users.

Esports cautiously optimistic return to live events

The State of Esports Tournaments in 2022 via Okbet Esports

We’re no fortune-tellers, but the trends give us a pretty good idea of ​​how the pandemic will affect esports in 2022. Some of the biggest esports leagues will try. host live events this year. IEM Katowice opened its doors to fans for the first time since 2019 this year. However, some players have tested positive for covid. This forces the teams to shuffle the roster and fall into isolation.

So far, all matches of the 2022 LCK Spring Split have been played offline at the tournament venue in Seoul. DRX and Hanwha Life Esports players have tested positive for Covid, so those plans may change. The tournament organizers did not give up. The Evolution Championship Series (Evo) plans to return with a live event in Las Vegas this year. The fighting game tournament series has been canceled for 2021.

In May, the ESL One Stockholm Dota 2 Major will return with a live format. This will be the first Dota 2 Major with a live audience in over two years. ESL Impact will take a hybrid approach to its all-female CS:GO teams.

There will be two league seasons with live finals, an indie event and online cups for all-female teams. The total prize pool for ESL Impact will be $500,000.

Of course, we look forward to meeting all of you in person. Esports BAR 10th Edition will welcome you to Cannes in April! Get ready for a 3-day program of networking, conferences, and special events that bring the entire esports community together in one place.

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