OKBET GAMING | Mid-Season Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes

OKBET GAMING | Mid-Season Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Patch Notes





This marks the end of the line for significant updates to Call of Duty®: WarzoneTM in its current iteration. We’d want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to our Players for being a part of this adventure. Since we first met in December 2016 to create the Pacific chapter, we have grown as individuals and as a group tremendously.

Before the Terminators took over and the eruptions at Peak began, we witnessed a war-torn Pacific island in the 1940s, a reimagined and reinforced version of Rebirth Island, the arrival of two movie giants (Kong and Godzilla), and the arrival of Mercenaries, who brought with them Fortune’s Keep, a new map experience.

In addition to the new Fighter and Bomber Planes, Lootable Perks, Gulag and Redeploy Tokens, Redeploy Balloons, the new Fast Travel system, Portable Buy Stations, the Decontamination Station, and a slew of new Contracts, Public Events, and Limited Time Modes, we’ve also seen a plethora of other major new Weapons and features.

However, the team’s efforts to enhance the game’s Quality of Life and remove obstructions from the gaming loop are the ones of which they can be most proud. However, we aren’t done yet, and the last set of enhancements is described below. Whether large or little, we’ve made an effort to be as open as possible in our pursuit of making the game more in line with your preferences.

High Moon Studios, Beenox, Toys for Bob, Sledgehammer OKBet Games, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Demonware, Activision, and Team Ricochet are just some of the companies we’d like to thank for their contributions to the final product. This year’s plethora of material wouldn’t exist without the efforts of these groups.

The midseason report is here, and we hope you like it… And we’ll be back in action in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2 very shortly.

Keep your cool!


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The Year in Review: MODES’ Biggest Hits

To round off the Season, we’ve brought back a ton of old favorites and new modes that have been well received by players. But first, a few guidelines:

Playlists will be changed weekly.

Every week, a new Plunder variation will be made accessible.
Each week, just the number of players in each team will change, although Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island will always be present.
To better help those training for the forthcoming CDL event, Fortune’s Keep will be prioritized for all team sizes.

Moreover, we’re working to enhance services for our “Solo” Players, who will find a great deal of content to their liking in the next updates. We listened to feedback from our single players and aimed to increase the variety of game modes available to them in order to better meet their needs.

Every week, Battle Royale Solos will include a new flavor:

  • Cash in on One-Offs
  • One-on-One Free-for-All Battles
  • Resurgence Solos from the Champion of the Caldera may be found on both Fortunes Keep and Rebirth Island at the same time.

Moving away from daily rotations and back to weekly rotations, the following “Greatest Hits” LTMs will be featured in rotation for the duration of the season:


  • Birth of a New Currency Based on Blood Loss
  • The Rebirth Cargo (In-Season)


  • The Iron Caldera Tests
  • The Return of the Caldera
  • Battle Royale Buy Back Sticks and Stones Golden Plunder Clash Champion of Caldera (In-Season)

Also, in the next weeks, you should be on the lookout for a few of surprises.

Consistently Strong Trio CDL Gains

There will soon be a Fortune’s Keep Resurgence Trios CDL event, and we couldn’t be happier to support it. Fortune’s Keep Trios will remain in the active Playlist so that players may get game time in before the $100,000 prize pool competition.

The Mercenaries’ “Cash Extraction” Public Event has been removed from this “CDL” version since we didn’t think it was appropriate for competitive play.

Due to the current problem with Private Matches, we do not anticipate Fortune’s Keep to be accessible there anytime soon.

Mini-Royale of Caldera

We are premiering “Mini-Royale” in Caldera as part of our “Greatest Hits” outro. This rapid-fire, action-packed Mode is just what the season needs to go out on a great note.

Renewal Powerful Comeback Ultimate

Beenox’s development team has released a new mode called Resurgence Supreme, which they believe to be the definitive iteration of the popular Rebirth Resurgence Mode with a few key rule tweaks:

In order to heighten the suspense, we have…

  • The Time until Resurgence Clock is Extended
  • The heroes’ base health has been raised to 200 HP.
  • There is now a longer duration during which the minimap ping showing the position of an enemy squad after an elimination occurs.

The Resurgence Countdown is now more customizable by players…

  • In response to your actions, the Countdown will now decrease twice as quickly.
  • Reducing the Countdown by eliminating an enemy soldier is a top priority.

We have developed ‘Supreme’ Weaponry…

  • Many fan-favorite weapons are available again thanks to the treasure on the ground.
  • Epic is the commonest rarity.
  • The legendary and potent Weapons at the players’ disposal.
  • The best skins that OKBet Warzone has to offer for weapons will be available for all of them.

Since the importance of your Loadout is reduced in this Mode, we believe that everyone will have a great time while still being challenged. The best team deserves to win.

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