MPL PH Season 10 Ignited A Kelra-OHEB Rivalry_Okbet Esport

Okbet Esport | MPL PH Season 10 Ignited A Kelra-OHEB Rivalry



MPL PH Season 10 Ignited A Kelra-OHEB Rivalry_Okbet Esport

Mpl ph, If you remember, Kelra was fined after making homophobic comments about the V33Wise duo. And while he’s already apologized, his fans haven’t changed.

This time, fans are comparing him to another Beatrix user, his OHEB. And while OHEB alone doesn’t care much about the comparison, the two fanbases are ready to go to war.

Mara Aquino discusses her two intense comparisons on her official Facebook page. “Today, Kerula and Ohheb are considered to be the largest Beatrix users. Both are legendary snipers with international prominence. All eyes will be on the best players as they are expected to perform best and break gaming records.
Last night I highlighted these two great things about him. In my interview, Oheb was asked if he thought the debate over who was the best Sniper user was resolved. When Kelra’s sister yelled “1v1!” Oheb also told me: “I didn’t think it was bad, I laughed. I was surprised that people hit him. Well, I wasn’t thinking of anything negative and I understood his jokes and I laughed too.”

Incidentally, Kelra’s sister wasn’t the only one yelling “1v1” during and even before the event started. Both sides also held their own celebrations. I’m happy if she’s my sister because I know she’s very proud of me and will fully support me even if I don’t win, she’s going to offend her too There was no She was part of the energy. The excitement of watching live okbet games at the venue really drives me crazy. It’s a very different energy, electricity. If you work for the Nanood Kasama Audience and you don’t yell “1v1” or someone more famous does it, your audience will laugh and understand that this is not malicious.

Kerula’s sister level leads to the mother on the Hindi side. They just lost Laura and are grieving and leave her alone with her empathy.Let’s not include her work and life outside of her game. Please don’t make this personal. Beware of misplaced hatred.

The okbet players themselves see the game as a healthy rivalry.

it’s not comparing the two biggest

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