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Okbet Esports | Mobile Legends September 2022 Leaks: Upcoming Skins, heroes and more



Okbet Games will add more features to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang next month. We have already released many cool and exciting skins and events this year. The Starlight Pass will soon be introduced in-game and will offer unique rewards. You can also add new heroes to the list. In this article, we’ll explain everything we know about his September 2022 leak for Mobile Legends so far.

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass September 2022
skin reward

In August’s Starlight Pass, players will receive the Atlas Space Mech skin. Atlas has a moderately high pick rate in higher tier lobbies.Atlas’ crowd control and ultimate abilities are also useful in the heat of battle. The Atlas can currently be considered a mid-tier tank in the game. Players can also choose from five skin options for him, including his Space Mech in Atlas. Here are the options available to players this month:

  • atlas space mech skin
  • clint rock and roll skin
  • farsa peony bloom skin
  • Guinevere lotus skin
  • Peregrine Bioweapon Skin

Other Rewards of Okbet gaming

  • Icon of Starlight: Players will receive a limited edition Icon of Franco as a reward for his Starlight Pass in September 2022.
  • Starlight Painted Skin: Players will receive a painted skin of Khufra’s Gentleman Thief skin. To use the painted skin, you must own the original skin.
  • Exclusive Starlight Battle Emote: When purchasing the Starlight Pass in September 2022, players will also receive the Atlas Space Mech Battle Emote.

Upcoming new skins in Mobile Legends for September 2022
September Collector Skin: Miya: Doom Catalyst

image 1

The September Collector’s Skin, Miya’s Doom Catalyst, will be streamed live in-game starting September 3rd. The skin gives Miya a delicate golden touch. Miya’s equipment and powerful bow also look golden. Details of upcoming collector skins have yet to be revealed.

September Starlight Skin: Atlas: Space Mech

image 2

Atlas’ space mech skin is definitely the highlight skin of the month. Atlas, similar in name, looks like a space robot in this skin. The skin gives the spacesuited abyssal sea animal a mesmerizing look.

Lancelot’s Empyrean Flame Skin

image 3

Empyrean Flame will be the latest Dragon Tamer skin for Mobile Legends. The skin will be released on September 9th.

Valentina’s Archmagister Skin

image 4

Valentina’s Archmagistar skin is an epic skin scheduled for release on September 17th. Valentina can be seen in a blue outfit with a red cape and a gold belt on her skin.

Upcoming new Heroes of Mobile Legends for September 2022


image 5

A member of the Leonin, along with Nana and Harris. Joy is still in testing on Advanced servers, and she will be released on regular servers in September.

Mobile Legends September 2022 events sneak peek

A sneak preview of some upcoming events was shown in-game. Skins His encore event features Silvanna’s new Midnight Justice skin. According to a pop-up, the Mystery Shop will be offering Xavier’s skin starting August 29. A purchase reward event will also be held the first week of September. An event called Battle Challenge will also take place in September. Other events are the Starlight and Grand Collection events. Both events were described earlier in this article.

image 6

Mobile Legends September 2022 Heroes and Skin changes

Revamped Heroes

  1. Lesley
image 9

2. Gusion

th 1

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