Mobile-first esports: from Asia to the rest of the world via okbet esports

okbet esports | Mobile-first Esports : from Asia to the rest of the world 1


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okbet esports | Mobile-first Esports : from Asia to the rest of the world 1

This exclusive and informative Esports BAR report aims as a book to give current and potential stakeholders insight into why mobile esports is one of the most digital entertainment industries in the world. fastest growing digital.
Mobile eSports is the future of the entire eSports industry. As our exclusive downloadable white paper titled Mobile-first esports – from Asia to the Rest of the World shows, there’s enough growth across the board to support the claim. This is about mobile-first competitive gaming.

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What is mobile eSports?
It is not a second- or third-tier version of today’s established traditional e-sports, which hosts competitive amateur and professional gaming events featuring individuals or teams playing video games. die with others.

Of course, esports as we know it consists of individuals or teams of professional and/or enthusiast gamers sitting in front of their huge powerful PCs or consoles and big screens competing for the title. glory, fame and increasing amount of bonuses.

First esports Entertainment is watched onscreen by viewers via live streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube and/or live at physical locations.

Mobile eSports gamers share the same aspirations, but they compete by playing mobile games on smartphones and tablets. They are also more likely to become part of a community whose members follow each other.

Over the past 5 years, mobile e-sports has gradually attracted the attention of e-sports organizations, game publishers, investors and brands. According to the Newzoo research team, they are focusing on developing casual e-sports, its revenue will reach more than 1 billion US dollars by the end of this year, and the global viewership is expected to grow. reached 474 million (expected to be 577 million. In 2024).

A clue as to why mobile e-sports entertainment should not be overlooked can also be seen in Newzoo’s other headline data – on the global game stream audience, including competitive play. Their number will increase to 729 million by the end of 2021 and exceed 920 million by 2024. Among those 920 million will be the growing number of mobile gamers who will propel the gaming world from a world centered around PCs and consoles to one centered around smartphones and consoles. tablet.

okbet esports | Mobile-first Esports : from Asia to the rest of the world 1

Mobile-first eSports – from Asia to the Rest of the World, this exclusive and informative Esports BAR report is designed as a handbook for current stakeholders and potential insight into why mobile OKBET esports is one of the faster digital entertainment. It also features an exclusive interview with Nick Vanzetti, Senior Vice President/General Manager at ESL Gaming Asia-Pacific Japan, in which we learn how the company has entered the sports arena. Organized mobile electronics since 2017:

“Mobile phones have arrived; you haven’t realized it yet” – Akshat Rathee, Esports speaker BAR Cannes 2020, CEO of India-based Nodwin.

“I’ll be the first to criticize mobile gaming. But it’s a problem, not only in Europe, but also in India and Southeast Asia. It’s really huge, and we have to live with it,” said Florent ElChikito Gutierrez, Esports Speaker BAR Cannes 2020, former Director of Marketing for Team Vitality and now Global Head of Esports at Razer Inc.

“Mobile eSports athletes have been expected to use Samsung devices provided by the Organizing Committee” at the 2018 Asian Games, which the Korean company is one of the sponsors. official, an e-sports industry insider said. “But this was revisited when many people said they used an iPhone.”

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